Parent Reviews for Sunflower Daycare School

How can we thank you Teacher Lai and Teacher Kate for the happiness, joy and confidence that you created for our son and our family? We are so grateful! We know that our son felt love, excitement, stimulation, challenge and deep, deep connection at his 'Sunflower School'. Now he is blooming like a sunflower, smiling towards the sun, ready for the next step.

You will be in our hearts forever! ----- Lorraine C. and Family

Teacher Lai taught my son when he was 4 months to 3 years old previously and she truly treats him as if he is her own. She really took the time to understand his personality and was able to work with him in a really loving and caring way. I can’t say enough good things about her. Her assistant Teacher Kate is also just as loving and my son loves the two of them. Each morning he would run to greet them and sometimes wouldn’t want to come home at the end of the day. If you are looking for a loving daycare/preschool, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Teacher Lai and her Sunflower Daycare School!!!! ----- Yelp, Sherry W.

We are thankful every day that my son’s first school experience is so fun, stimulating and full of love. Thank you Teacher Lai and Teacher Kate for being such wonderful teachers!” ----- Lorraine C.

“Teacher Lai and Teacher Kate are very caring and loving to my daughter. From the first day she went to daycare, she had to be fed in her arms, and now she can eat and study independently. This is all the hard work and dedication of the teachers. We are very grateful. She will often say that she loves teachers when she comes home. We can see that she likes the time with teacher Lai and teacher Kate very much! Thank you very much for your patience and help with her studies!” ----- Xing L.

We are very grateful to have Teacher Lai and Teacher Kate being my daughter’s first teacher. They are very wonderful.” ----- Mayank M.

“My daughter is happy and healthy at daycare, growing from a skinny baby to a fat little one. We are all very happy and grateful. Thank you for your dedication and patience!” ----- Hao H.

“Thank you for being such wonderful teachers for my son. He loves learning, he loves school and loves you both! We are grateful every day to have found such a loving place for him to play and learn.” ----- Lorraine C.

“Teacher Lai was a teacher of my son at 22 months old. Children at that age are simple-minded and can read the intentions of the people around them. I could tell he enjoyed going to school to be in her classroom because he did not hesitate to go to school when she was his teacher. At the time Teacher Lai was his teacher, he came home reciting the many things he learned in school like the ABC’s, Mandarin songs, his left and right; I was shocked he learned so much.

The most significant display of Teacher Lai’s patients and care for the children was when she suggested we start the potty training process for him. I was doubtful that he would be ready as I heard boys tend to start this process at an older age and it would be more difficult. Teacher Lai however potty trained him in few days! Unbelievable!

Teacher Lai’s love, patients, and empathy for children are what make her a remarkable teacher.” ----- Michelle Y.

“Teacher Lai has exceptional child care talents. She is completely dedicated, responsible, and dependable. She has great work ethics and is willing to do what is best for the children. She is able to balance the needs of the individual child while tending to the needs of the group as a whole. She has the ability to be flexible and patients, yet maintains discipline amongst such a young-age group.

We feel lucky to have had Teacher Lai in the early years of our children’s lives.” ----- Vivian L., Amy L., Edgar C., Megan G.

“Our son was lucky to have Teacher Lai as his teacher. She is wonderful teacher and our son absolutely adored her. She clearly has a natural ability to engage with young children and make learning fun. It was also apparent that she truly loves being a teacher and working with children. Teacher Lai is a very kind and caring person that provides a warm nurturing environment for young minds to learn and grow. Our son was always thrilled to see her and would excitedly run into school every day.” ----- Megan N.

“Teacher Lai is professional in her demeanor and respectful of not only the children, but also the parents. She would speak to our daughter with respect and patience. When I would pick up my daughter from the program each day, Teacher Lai would take the time to tell me of her activities that day, her behavioral development, and what she enjoyed (and didn’t enjoy) doing that day. Teacher Lai was open and honest, and would provide insights to help my daughter grow. For example, she encouraged me to spend time talking and calmly explaining things to my daughter when she became upset.

Teacher Lai’s dedication to care for my daughter is something I have not seen often with caretakers that we have worked with. One of the most impactful things Teacher Lai helped us with was to help potty-train. She carefully observed my daughter’s interest and cues, and worked with us throughout the process. It was a challenging process for myself but Teacher Lai constantly encouraged us and after a few weeks, my daughter was finally potty trained. My daughter was extremely proud of her achievement and being a ‘big girl’, and I know that it would not be possible without Teacher Lai’s dedication, support, and help.” ----- Jessica Y.

“Teacher Lai’s warmth and sincere affection for the families and their children were evident on a daily basis.” ----- Rebecca W.

“Teacher Lai was the primary caretaker of my son. She was responsible for the care of my two years old son. I have observed firsthand her ability to manage my son’s emotion and negative behaviors. I also appreciated her communication with me as a parent, which was always detailed and caring. I was apprehensive when my son transitioned into her care. She immediately noted this, and took the time to explain in detail how my son was adapting to the move, and to answer all my questions. Over the course of her care, Teacher Lai noticed little details, such as my son’s skin discoloration. She informed me that this showed that my son was consuming too many vegetables, which he was at the time. She always took the time to communicate any issues with me, which reflected her genuine interest in my child. While my son was under her care, I felt assured that my son was well looked after, and well cared for.” ----- Susanne M.

“Teacher Lai was the caregiver/teacher for my twins from the time they were 11 months old until they turned 3. Teacher Lai is one of the most caring individuals I have ever known. It is very obvious from seeing her interact with my kids that she loved caring for them. My kids were very well cared for under her supervision and I never had to worry about their well-being. Every day that I picked my kids up, they were happy. They were learning a lot from teacher Lai and they spoke Mandarin very well even though we are not Chinese. Even now, as five-year-olds, my kids light up upon seeing her. She always has a huge hug for them both.” ----- Jhina M.

“Teacher Lai was my son’s teacher from when he was 1.5 to 3 years old. She is the most loving, patient, compassionate teacher he has had in his life. My son is on the energetic side and can sometimes be disruptive in a circle time setting. Teacher Lai was always very patient with him and knew how to redirect his energies. She always recognized his positive traits and praised them so that he would show more of those traits. I know that my son absolutely loves and adores Teacher Lai. He would always run into her arms and give her a big hug.” ----- Sherry W.

“Teacher Lai is a thoughtful, sincere and giving person. Pairing with her teaching abilities, she quickly became someone we could trust and believe in. We were confident that our son was safe and happy with Teacher Lai, she always ensured his best interests were considered. Teacher Lai builds both skills and character in children. Teacher Lai is not only an amazing teacher, but she also is a wonderful person who has endeared herself to us.” ----- Agnes M.

“Teacher Lai is an amazing teacher and my daughter loved her for many reasons. She is very nurturing, patient and constantly engages her students. She treats the children as if they were her own and deeply cares for her students.

I felt that my daughter was learning a great deal when she was in Teacher Lai’s care. She really started putting words together into sentences and phrases which was exciting to see.” ----- Melissa L.

“We want to express our gratefulness towards Teacher Lai during the time she was the caretaker of our children. Teacher Lai always took the time to communicate any issues with each of us. Her manner of speaking and the level of detail reflected her genuine interest in the welfare of our children. While our children were under her care, we felt assured that they were well looked after, and well cared for.” ----- Susanne M., Linda N., Jamie and Scott C., Megan and Gregg N., Rebecca and Christ W., Larry and Anny F., Angella and Parker A.